Confident Parenting Handbook

  • Client: Hadrian School,
    Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Project: 130pp A4 Wiro bound book
    with wrap over cover,
    spine and DVD pocket

Staff at Hadrian School turned their many years of hands-on experience into a confidence boosting printed resource for parents of children with learning difficulties.

The school created their “Confident Parenting” handbook and DVD to train practitioners to run parental workshops that help parents of youngsters with learning difficulties. The content is designed to help them confidently manage their child and they’ve already helped more than a hundred families come to terms with their child’s special needs.

Hadrian School had completed almost all of the artwork and content for the book when we were asked for our advice about production of the resource. We devised a solution that was both economical to produce and easy to handle.

  • Wiro binding was a logical choice for a document that needed to be laid flat for easily handling as a workbook.
  • Usually, wiro bound documents filed on a bookshelf have only their wired edges facing outwards making them difficult to distinguish from each other. To overcome this, we produced a wrap-over cover that creates a spine on the book allowing it to be filed and retrieved very easily.
  • The inside cover features a clear pocket suitable for holding the course DVD.
  • The book contains several worksheets and documents that need to be copied for use in the workshops and wiro binding will lie flat on a photocopier.

The books have been well received and we have recently completed the second edition.

Confident Parenting Handbook