Build it, Live it, Love it…Print it!

  • Client: David Dodds, Financial Planner at Wades, North Shields
  • Project: 96pp A5 Book,
    black text with colour illustrations,
    perfect bound

Wade Financial Services take a different approach to handling investments and this is echoed in their distinctive approach to running their own business. Now, David Dodds, financial planner at Wades, has turned to book publsihing to help communicate their methodology.

With 25 years’ experience in the life assurance industry, David understands that their business is all about building strong relationships with clients. He’s taken a passion for learning, and his genuine interest in his clients, and has used it to drive their business forward.

For many years he has understood the benefits of working on their Financial Planning business instead of spending all of his time working in the business. This takes great discipline, and requires goal setting and a vision of the future for the business.

Now David has poured all of his experience into a new book titled ‘Build it, Live it, Love it’. It’s aimed at Financial Advisors but his approach to building a business, as described in the book, is equally applicable to the wider business community.

The content covers success stories, what works and what doesn’t, structuring your business, and the great importance placed on listening – and he means really listening – to your customers.

David’s book is niche: you’re not going to see this on the shelves of your local book shop. That was never the point; the book is a tool and a resource for their business.

“I encourage my clients to see money as a means to an end and to realise that life is not a rehearsal. This is our one and only chance so we need to make it a happy experience”, says David. So if you have the opportunity to listen to David speaking at an event I urge you to listen. Very closely!

How was the book produced?

David brought us the text to his book, complete but not set-up for printing. We formatted the content and devised the layout, adding the credits, publishing details and page numbering required for book publishing. His book also required artwork for the outside covers and we presented several options to him.

Our digital print process meant that the proof copy that David received was printed using the same press and on the same paper as the final copies, meaning that he knew exactly how the end result would appear. This initial run was for 100 books and the printed result looks very professional and provides a very credible tool to enhance David’s talks and seminars.

Could you pin down what it is that makes your business different from the rest in your market?

Do you have an idea for a book that could help your clients and at the same time drive the growth of your organisation?

If you’d like to know how straightforward and rewarding book publishing can be then contact Rob Gibbons at yourPrintDepartment for an informal chat.

Build it, Live it, Love it…Print it!