Banner Stand – Segedunum

A banner stand designed and manufactured for the Friends of Segedunum

Friends of Segedunum banner stand
  • Client: Friends of Segedunum, Wallsend
  • Project: Banner stand (pull-up),
    800mm wide,
    2.1m tall

Segedunum in Wallsend is the most excavated site on Hadrian’s Wall, and the Friends want you to be involved.

The Friends of Segedunum was launched in 2003 to support and build interest in the remains of this Roman Fort and the history surrounding the area. It was decided that the Friends should use a banner stand that could be displayed at events to create awareness of their organisation and ultimately increase their membership.

They supplied us with the text for the banner, the image of the Roman helmet and the photograph for the background. Then they left it to us to create an eye-catching pull-up banner stand!

Our graphic design team put together an artwork proof that combined all of their elements, with some carefully chosen typefaces and background textures. When designing a banner stand, it’s important to consider where the stand will be sited and this should affect how you approach the layout. Much more of this in a future article.

The Friends of Segedunum banner stand was printed in full-colour onto an opaque stop-light material, trimmed to size and then affixed to the banner stand mechanism. There is a huge variety of stands on the market and they vary wildly in quality and price. We chose a stand with a heavy base, one that can be erected easily by one person, which comes complete with a telescopic pole and carry bag.

The Friends of Segedunum banner stand is now proudly on display at each of their events

Are you’re considering a banner stand for your next project? Whether or not you decide to do your own artwork, do talk to us at the early planning stages and we’ll guide you in selecting the right banner stand for maximum impact!
Banner Stand – Segedunum