A Day on the Beach

  • Client: North Tyneside VODA
  • Project: 16pp booklet, 210x210mm,

As VODA’s ‘A Day on the Beach’ project drew to a close we started work on a summary booklet to showcase their fabulous work!

North Tyneside VODA has many roles and responsibilities in the community, one of which is to encourage and develop partnerships between groups in the voluntary and community sectors. ‘A Day on the Beach’ is a fantastic example of what they achieve.

It brought together two groups: a number of young people eager to learn more about their seaside heritage; and a group of older people wanting to share their stories and photos of the 1940s and 1950s.

The results of this collaboration and research culminated in the production of a number of short animated films and an exhibition of photographs taken during the project. In fact, the project was so successful that it made the front page of the news.

To complete the project and provide an overview of its activities and achievements, we were commissioned to design and print the end-of-project summary.

The report had been written and edited by VODA and they provided a great number of photos and images for us to incorporate. This vast number of images, recording all stages of their project, supported the narrative of the report throughout.

The finished report was themed around an old photograph album: some of the photos were ’aged’ with old photo frames; typefaces from the period were used; and page backgrounds were selected to give the report a vintage feel.

The printed version of the booklet was presented to the participants and invited guests during the showcase event staged at the Boardwalk Café and is available to view online via the VODA website.

If we can offer one tip to help you document your next project then it would be to encourage you to take as many photographs as possible. Record as much as you can at all stages, not only the final outcome, and use these to illustrate your report.
A Day on the Beach