March Book Club

March Book Club

March yPD Book ClubAnna Karenina

by Leo Tolstoy

After teen fiction in February, we’re going big in March. The 864 page monster that is Anna Karenina.

If you finish it in a month you deserve some kind of medal. But it’s worth dipping into, as it pretty much inspired the novel as we know it today.

Plus, Leo Tolstoy was a completely amazing man. He made a fortune out of Anna Karenina, but decided that he couldn’t abide by his Christian values and keep all that money to himself. He gave up most of his fortune, often to local beggars.

His wife, Sofya, left him for it. She had gone into their marriage believing she had married a wealthy noble, and couldn’t abide by his constant charity. Tolstoy eventually left his home and became a wandering ascetic.

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March Book Club